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MX-5 Coolant reroute kit

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Do you want to reroute the coolant to protect your engine? Check.
Run an aftermarket coolant temperature sensor? Check.
Delete the front outlet for a neat engine bay? Check.
Remove the cabin heater for a race car? Check.

Customize the kit to fit your MX-5 build – with us, you have the flexibility you need. Welcome to SkidNation coolant reroute!

Here are some of its many benefits:
– Reroutes the coolant flow back to the original path as designed for Mazda B6/BP engine, which evens out temperature differences that exist between front and rear of the MX-5 engine.
– Improved cooling means the engine components are less stressed.
– All kits include an additional 1/8″ NPT thread for aftermarket temperature gauge.
– Excellent corrosion resistance and will easily outlive any car.
– Original sensor locations, working heater system and coolant bypass circuit keep the coolant flowing when cold and allow for a proper warm-up.
– Can be installed in a few hours – no need to remove or lift the engine.
– Fully reversible if you keep your original parts.
– With new black rubber coolant hose.

MX-5 Miata coolant reroute purpose

Includes all the parts you’ll need for a successfull and worry-free installation. All coolant systems like cabin or intake valve heating are retained. You don’t need to order any additional parts (except for EGR delete kit, if you car has EGR system).

Not familiar with coolant reroute? Visit coolant-reroute.com to learn more about its importance.

– Installation requires you to move (or remove) the charcoal canister.
– In case you have an EGR system on your car, you will need to either delete it (kit available from us) or modify the EGR pipe at the back of the engine.
– Installing the core plug option requires removal of timing belt and cams.
– NA 1.8 with stock intake might have clearance issue – there is just not enough room becasue of the idle pipe coming from the intake. It is possible to fit, but we recommend to replace it with an aftermarket intake pipe.
– 1.6 NA (Mk1) owners with programmable ECU don’t need the front fan switch – please let us know in the order note.

Fits all 1989-2005 cars (Mk1, Mk2 and Mk2.5).


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