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Mazda MX-5 Aluminiums Køler

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Properly cooling our MX-5 under all conditions is a priority for all of us. While the stock Mazda radiator on the NA or NB (NBFL) is sufficient for normal driving, it may not be enough for spirited driving or track driving. And when the plastic top and bottom get old and brittle, they start forming cracks and that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

With our custom fully aluminium TIG welded performance radiator you not only gain more coolant volume (cooling capacity), but also improved reliability, better heat dissipation and higher efficiency. It features a two row 40 mm thick brazed core and comes with a 1.1 bar pressure cap to increase the boiling point by a notch. A sturdy metal drain plug makes your coolant change easy. Aluminium construction also removes the risk of breaking or cracking of the plastic radiator parts, which is a common problem on stock radiators.

Why “only” 40 mm thick? Isn’t thicker better? Well, core dimensions are just part of the equation – in order to cool the circulating water, you also need air flow through it. And the thicker the core, the harder it is to push/pull air through it. Our choice of 40 mm thickness strikes a good balance, which means it works well at lower speeds and provides great cooling capacity for both N/A and forced induction cars.

The radiator is a direct replacement with no mods needed. Radiator fits cars with manual transmission only. You can use the original cooling fans, or get our dual fan shroud for more cooling power.

The aluminium drain plug has a rubber seal, so it should be tightened by hand only to finger tight.

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